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Neck pain can be, well, a pain in the neck. Edgar Celis, MD, is a highly skilled pain management physician who provides exceptional treatments for neck pain at California Pain Group. Find relief today by scheduling a visit to one of California Pain Group’s two state-of-the-art clinics in San Rafael and Daly City, California. You can book your appointment by calling the office or using the convenient online scheduling tool.

Neck Pain

How does neck pain present itself?

Besides pain in your neck, some of the other symptoms of chronic neck pain include:

  • Increased pain when you hold your head in one position
  • Muscle spasms and tight muscles
  • Headache
  • Decreased range of motion of your head

Neck pain is a general condition, however, and can present itself as an incredibly wide range of unique pains.

What conditions lead to neck pain?

Your neck is fairly vulnerable to injury and strain due to the fact that it’s frequently supporting the entire weight of your head and has a lot of flexible and moving parts. The following conditions are commonly at the root of chronic neck pain:

  • Strained muscles
  • Worn joints
  • Nerve compression, or a “pinched’ nerve
  • Injuries

Certain diseases, like meningitis, cancer, or rheumatoid arthritis, can also cause chronic neck pain.

Should I get treatment for my neck pain?

Most neck pain improves on its own with time, rest, or simple home treatments. Some neck pain can last longer, though, and be an indication of a more serious problem, like when it’s: 

  • Severe
  • Persists without relief for several days
  • The result of a physical injury, such as an auto accident or a fall
  • Spreads down into your arms or legs
  • Accompanied by other conditions, such as headache, weakness, numbness, or tingling

If these conditions describe your neck pain, schedule a visit with Dr. Celis and California Pain Group immediately.

What treatments are available for neck pain?

Dr. Celis has a number of different treatment options to alleviate your neck pain, including:

Steroid injections

Dr. Celis can inject corticosteroid medications into the small facet joints in the bones in your neck, into the muscles in your neck, or near the nerve roots in your neck. These injections alleviate pain by reducing swelling and inflammation, and give your body time to heal from whatever condition is causing your pain.

Nerve block injections

With nerve blocks, Dr. Celis injected a localized anesthetic directly into your affected area, which can totally alleviate your pain for a number of hours.

Trigger point injections

Dr. Celis can alleviate some of your pain by administering injections of steroids and anesthetics directly into your knotted muscle tissues, which helps them relax and get back to normal.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma is a treatment that utilizes your body’s own natural healing properties to alleviate your neck pain. Dr. Celis draws some of your blood, then runs it through a centrifuge to isolate its platelets, which are special blood cells that help repair your musculoskeletal system by enhancing cell growth and blood clotting. He then injects those platelets into your area of pain, effectively helping your body to heal that area.

Don’t let your neck pain persist or worsen. Find relief with Dr. Celis today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.